Reflections on the Summer Institute 2004


Long-time educator supporting individualized learning for all students. Earned BS in elementary education, Master's is Technology for Teachers, and Ph.D. in Computing Technology for Educators. Teaching experience in all grades from Pre-K to adult. Currently retired, but still involved in education through Learningbyts, as an educational consultant and CEO and author.

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  1. CybrScrybe says:

    Post a comment to David Alexander here. Just click on the Post a comment link. You can post anonymously or if you’d like your name to appear, click on Comment as a different user, and give yourself a login and password.

    Have fun…


  2. Princesitha says:

    Hi Tom,This is my first time visiting this site; I put in DBA’s happy and found this site. I’m thniknig about changing my major from accounting to MIS and focusing on databases. I like to build and create things, with the knowledge that I can make a difference. I also hate to get up at 6am like most accountants I know, but most of all I would like to get away from the number crunching.I’ve always liked tech but was scared of all the intense math in some of the CIS programming curriculum, like tough classes in linear algebra. MIS seems to be able to offer another side that I can handle, I think..aahhah.. What would you tell someone like me who is thniknig of going this route, both negative and positive. Btw, I am going to a University and when I finish i’ll have a BS degree from a University. Sorry don’t know if that helps..hahahah..Happy anniversary and congratulations on your large following of friends. Cheers

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