Dr. Barb’s Book Byts Byts about books being read and discussed with my Book Club

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Dr. Barb’s Book Byts: Books being read and discussed with
Book Club

One of the beauties of retirement is the ability to get back into doing things you love to do. I’ve always loved to read. As a child, I’d hide a book under the rug in the bathroom I was supposed to be cleaning as part of my chores. I’d sneak a peak at the next page, then chapter, in between scrubbing motions. My mom always wondered why it took me hours to clean the bathroom! In addition, I’d hide a book under my pillow at lights out time, and use a flashlight to read! Over the years, between reading textbooks for courses I took, and finding books for my students to read, along with raising my own family, reading for pleasure took a back seat for a while.

So it was a natural extension to begin a book club when I retired. This page will link books that I’ve read along with my reactions and our book clubs discussions of the book. Feel free to add your own comments about the books if you’ve read them! And share any reviews here with your own book club!

Of course, don’t forget to also recommend books for us to read as well. I’m hoping this F2F book club can morph to include a virtual one as well…

Below are the links to each of the books we have read. We will be adding critiques on a regular basis, so please check back frequently!

Happy Reading!

If you have suggestions for us to read, please add them in the comments box below! Thank you!

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