Learning the Computer/Phone Byt by Byt

This blog will answer quick help questions pertaining to using your computer to be efficient on the web.   Ask a question via the comments below, and I’ll write another help page.

Here’s a first start:


  1. Hyperlinking on a Stitch.net Discussion Forum.
  2. Tips for IPhone usage for Seniors
  3. Tips for Tablet usage for Seniors
  4. Setting up ICE
  5. Locking phones via fingerprint/face/passcode
  6. Keeping passcodes safe and available
  7. Using the Apple Wallet
  8. Paying bills digitally
    1. Online
    2. Using an Apple Watch
  9. When should I upgrade my computer?
  10. How to disconnect/reconnect my computer when I move
  11. Saving files to the cloud
  12. What is the cloud anyway?
  13. Erasing extras from your phone
  14. Basic tools
    1. FaceTime/Google Duo/Zoom
    2. Maps
    3. Notes/Reminders
    4. Photos
    5. Text to speech tool
    6. Calendar
    7. Camera
    8. Mail
    9. Weather
    10. News
    11. Music
    12. Games
    13. Utilities
      1. Calculator
      2. Health tools
        1. Diabetic monitoring
        2. Scale
        3. Heart apps
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