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parchmenSo now that I’ve graduated by writing and publishing that doctorate, where do I go next?  What are my next steps?

This blog will be my platform to launch my learning about writing part of my lifelong learning.  I hope to turn all those research skills into writing fiction and non-fiction stories.  So how do I transform my writing skills?  That’s what I plan on exploring here.  Some things I need to consider are:

1. What are the differences between research writing and writing fiction and non-fiction?

2. How does one enter the publishing world?  Previously, though I’ve published a children’s book and the teacher’s guide to go with it, this challenge did not exist at that time, as the publisher approached me and my co-author first.  But now that I’m on the outside looking to find another publisher, how does one go about it?

3.  Simple things like what grade/reading level do I wat to write for?  I have ideas for writing picture books, chapter books, adult non-fiction, and am starting to play with the idea of writing fiction.

4. Do I really want to abandon research writing?  Or focus more on it?

My current employer does not encourage my writing ability, so it would be a voyage on my own time and space…. and ultimately up to me…

These are all the topics I’m going to be exploring in the next few blogs. Stay tuned for my answers… and please help me explore them…

Dr. Barb

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