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Black Cake

Review of both the book and video series of the book Black Cake.


House of Eve

Based in the early ‘50’s, two women of color have very different stories concerning pregnancy. This book tells their story and how the House of Eve affected both of their lives.


A Different Kind of Gone

A young woman tries to escape from an abusive boyfriend while camping and disappears. A rescue worker holds a secret about it for five years.


One For the Money

The first of Janet Evanovich’s delightful series books about a Jersey Girl turned bounty hunter. With a little bit of romance mixed in, and comical characters, a suspenseful and fun read.


Storm of Infinite Beauty

Book Review – Story about a museum curator who finds the history of a famous ancestor of hers, who had a secret child during a major earthquake in Alaska.


Violin Conspiracy

Fictional Story of a major star whose background during an Alaskan earthquake is discovered by her historian relative years later.


Barb’s Book Byts – James Patterson & Bill Clinton’s

Book Review of The President’s Daughter AND The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton


Run, Rose, Run

Mystery written by James Patterson and Dolly Parton about a young woman (Rose) trying to make her career in Nashville, yet hiding from her past.

Austin Talks about Bullying 1

Austin Talks about Bullying

Hi readers!   Glad you enjoyed the story of how Chipper got me to stop bullying In the book Chipper Stops A Bully     Here are some general links to help you: The US Government Page...

Chipper Stops a Bully Feedback Page 1

Chipper Stops a Bully Feedback Page

If you have recently read Chipper Stops a Bully,   give me feedback here on this blog.  Click in the Reply box and tell me: How you liked the story? What is your favorite part?...

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