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Blogging from a phone… 0

Blogging from a phone…

Have used this feature a lot less than I thought I would. At my advanced age of 61 this is hard on my thumbs!  LOL….. Or is it that life has settled down…and there...


This blog was started in early blogging days when keeping track of things wasn’t so easy.  Therefore, somehow I started two blogs on this topic, and the one @ Dissertation Blues has more info…...

Blogging 0


Do you have your own blog?  Would you like to share with others?  Post the URL to your blog here…  Have fun exploring other blogs.. Mrs. B.


I’m still plowing along.. and making good progress!  The formal proposal was accepted in March this year, and I’ve gathered my data, and am working on my results now. So the light at the...

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Checking out blogging from phone.

Medical vs. Social Challenges 0

Medical vs. Social Challenges

Good news… this week Mom had to have her pacemaker replaced as it’s time was up.  And although we were told that she wasn’t a candidate for surgery, everything went smoothly.  We were in...

three little words: A Memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter 0

three little words: A Memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Just read a remarkable book by an adopted young lady that tells the story from her side of the story.  It’s amazing to me how many things in her story parallel the feelings, behaviors,...

Blogging at ISTE 2

Blogging at ISTE

Yesterday learned my way around the convention center, work out my feet and shoulders, but had a great time.Keynote speakers… on Tuesday started with a robot dance, then a human street dance. Have my...

The next phases….. 0

The next phases…..

It’s been awhile since I posted here.. a lot of changes have occurred since then. We finally did move her into the nursing home for long term care about a year and a half ago. ...


On the research path again… and a fork in the path….

After a two year hiatus during which I moved back across country, got divorced and remarried, as well as was caretaking mom, and settling back into a K-12 teaching environment,  I’m back on the...

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