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Help File Explaining Scribes Online Book and CyberJourney Series

Book Chapter Overview

The italic writing below lists the topics covered in the Teacher's chapter.

Each chapter also includes a Lesson Plan and Curriculum Connections.

Want to learn more? Get the Teacher's Guide for Scribes Online to see these topics!.
Introduction: An Overview of our Purposes -Addressing such issues as:

The Technology Gap
The 21st Century Classroom
Connecting to Scribes Online
Obtaining a Passport
Navigating Through the Web Site

Chapter 1: Brainstorming in an Electronic Space - Building the basis for writing electronically by brainstorming ideas using a chat room online and then working cooperatively and using decision making skills to collaborate on a topic for writing. Some issues discussed in this chapter of the Teacher's book are:
Why Write Online?
Collaborative Learning Online
Computer Terms
Chat Tutorial
Curriculum Links for Brainstorming Online
Chapter 2: Strengthening the Foundation for your Writing (Applies to Student Chapter 2 & 3)--Organizing writing and thinking about setting, characters, and story plot by using online templates to work and then print out for further use. Issues discussed in the Teacher's Chapter 2:

Creating a Storyboard for Writing
Planning writing using online forms
BYTEStorms & BYTEPlans for several genre

Using a Decision- Making Matrix
Tips for Planning Collaborative Chat groups
Using Logs & electronic notebooks

Chapter 3: Building the Supports for your Writing (Applies to Student Chapter 4)---- Research the Topics, Build  Background Knowledge, Integrate the Research into the Story. Discussed further in the Teacher's Guide:

Honing Research Skills online and offline
Arranging classroom for collaborative research
Task Oriented students
Creating "Resource Lists" for a Bibliography

Why Research Online?
Utilizing to-do lists and logs for efficient researching
Using POD with small goups

Chapter 4: Building your CyberPod by Writing in an Electronic Space (Applies to Student Chapter 5) - Meeting in a chat room for writing electronically. Sharing sentences using the chat room and then working cooperatively and using decision making skills to collaborate on the writing. Discussed in the Teacher's book:

Writing and discussing the story inside the POD
Using "The Amber Mystery" as a sample POD
Deciding whether to have one or many PODs for your class
Using online forms to teach story elements
- Character, Plot & Setting
Facilitating the us of the PODS as writing tools
Linking the story to research
Coming to Conclusions
Before you hit the teacher's Panic Button!

Dealing with different technological situations and the POD

Chapter 5:Finishing your CyberPOD - (Student Chapter 6)
Enhancing writing- Adding adjectives, adverbs, rich vocabulary, and other author's tools to make writing awesome. Using a whiteboard online to "visualize" the story as it grows.
Connecting -using hypertext to link research to your  story to make it authentic and ready for publication on the Internet. 
Inspecting - Evaluate the writing and then POLISH it for publication
Publishing your CyberPod in our Galleria!

Teacher's book focuses on :

Using author's tools to write
International editors

Deciding whether to have one or many PODs for your class
Integrating across the curriulum













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