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Students in the 4th to 6th Grades are invited to join us while we use the latest CyberTools to investigate topics in the areas of Science and Social Studies . Using Online search engines, students will research topics listed below. They can utilize our message board and chat rooms to communicate with other students studying the same units. They will utilize the PODs (Personal Operating Dens) to report findings from these expeditions.

Watch this Website frequently for a BYTEMobile leaving on any of these expeditions:

Chapter 1 --- Native Expeditions– Investigating, comparing, and reporting on the culture, government, lifestyle, history, and contributions of Native groups of countries indigenous to a region or around the globe.

Chapter 2 - Explorer Expeditions –Investigating explorers and their contributions to society. Predicting, planning for, and writing about explorations that may take place in the new millenium.

Chapter 3 –Environmental Expeditions – Discover the wonders of our planet earth and the systems surrounding it....

Rocks & Minerals
Land Preservation & Recycling
Water Cycle & Weather Systems
Global Changes ( Volcanos, Mountains, Earthquakes,)
Other Planets

Chapter 4 – Expeditions through the Human Body – Fine tune that wonderful machine called your body, by learning about the systems involved, and how to help them do their job. Topics covered include:

Nutrition & Digestion
Nervous System & Brain

Chapter 5 – Expeditions through History---- Investigate and report on events that effected the development your region throughout history. Discover how these systems developed or impacted growth in your region:

Political systems
Cultural beliefs
Geographical Features
Economic Influences

Chapter 6 - Expeditions through the Imagination -- Study inventors and their contributions to society. Then tap into your own creativity to develop an invention, create an ad a presentation for it using our PODs.

The BYTEMobile departure schedule will be posted sometime during the summer of 2000. Keep checking back!!

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