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Blah, Blah, Blah Pueblo Sisterhood 1

Blah, Blah, Blah Pueblo Sisterhood

Welcome to the Blog of the Pueblo Sisterhood. Watch us as we Blog through a year of changes in our life….

So What is a Dissertation, Anyway? 1

So What is a Dissertation, Anyway?

In stumbling through the dissertation process, my friends and I are researching exactly what goes into writing a dissertation. We’ve found the following helpful sites…. Please add to them by clicking on the comment...


The Lemonade Maker

by Ranae, Chelsey, Bryanna DISADVANTAGES Some disadvantages of the Lemonade Maker are that it is a little messy. It is messy because when the bottle tips over the water might spill on the floor....

The Light Switch Turner Offer 0

The Light Switch Turner Offer

By James F.The Light Switch Turner Offer:MATERIALS=Five dominos, small ramp, LEGO tower, small basket, marbles, and about a foot of sting.HOW IT WORKS= This project starts working just by the tip of a domino....

The Book Opener 0

The Book Opener

by Jon D. Results It opens a book What it looks like It looks like a huge container with strings in it and a magnet. It has a tiny book in it Materials A...

How to make a Mouse Trap Snap 0

How to make a Mouse Trap Snap

By Jaime, Amanda, and Amber This experiment makes a mouse trap snap, and is interesting and fun.Supplies needed to make this invention: A funnel, a marble that is about the size of a tip...

Trash Away 0

Trash Away

The simple way to throw away a piece of trashby Loren, Kai, Kain, & Taryn We are going to tell you how to throw away a piece of trash. First, you will need a...

The Pulley 1

The Pulley

PULLEY BY AARON & MIKALA How it works? This project runs by some rope which is connected to wood and the wood helps it hold together. First, you pull on the rope and the...

Automatic Lotion Dispenser 0

Automatic Lotion Dispenser

OUR SCIENCE PROJECT:THE AUTOMATIC LOTION DISPENSERBy, Clay K and Rudy We picked our project when we were going through ideas and decided that the lotion dispenser would be the most fun. We were curious...

The Egg Crusher 0

The Egg Crusher

The Egg Crusher was made by me, Nick M. It needs a car track, an egg (or a ball representing an egg), a funnel, Lincoln Logs, and a frying pan. You first put the...

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