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Effects of Drug Use on Children 0

Generational Devastation: What lawmakers and physicians are missing in the war against drugs

As I recently sat at a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren meeting with a state senator and his aide, it hit me that they thought our small group of about 20 grandparents was not a big...

Retirement…. morphing into a second career…. 0

Retirement…. morphing into a second career….

So how is retirement going … a year later??? Who’s retired?  I’ve often heard senior citizens say that they are too busy to work, and now I understand what they mean. This past year...

On being a grandma…. 0

On being a grandma….

I’m just wondering if grandparenting is different for this generation?  Does the addition of technology make it easier to grandparent?  Or do us baby boomers just want more involvement in their lives? As  I...

Reflections on  Retirement 0

Reflections on Retirement

Retirement…. isn’t that supposed to be a time to look back on your accomplishments, and travel and enjoy life?  Hmmm… I think that holds more true for my parent’s generation than mine because we’ve...

The myth of tenure….. is hurting students 3

The myth of tenure….. is hurting students

Tenure… that word that supposedly protects teachers… the one that everyone claims keeps bad teachers in the classroom, was proven wrong today, especially in my district.  You see, I got riff’d today!  Yep… and...

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