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On this page you will find links to blogs created for use with K-12 students. Look for:

  • MAMS on Edmodo – Join me on Edmodo – join cybrscrybe
  • MMSViking Space –  Check out 8th graders work on Cyber Careers, Scratch Games, etc.
  • Global Cybermall – 5th grade students created inventions with recyclable materials
  • Rye 5th Grade Blog – blogging our daily learning SmallRudyPicture
  • 2nd  Grade Blog – an attempt for 2nd graders to keep in touch with their teacher while she was on leave.
  • MMS Viking Blog – a place for Middle Schoolers to blog what they’ve learned about technology
  • Looking for cool learning links?  Check out the HarCUE Bookmarks page. –

  • If you found a good learning link to add, fill out our Cool Learning Links Blog, and your link will be added to our chart!  Thanks for sharing!

  • Need a tutor?  Check out this tool: Tuttoo.com

  • . This site is just getting started, so consider it under construction!

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