Welcome to WebMeister's Training {short description of image}

During this course we will:

Webbing our way through the 2 week course........
Day 8 - Celebrating our successes!!
{short description of image} Day 1 -Creating a web of friends 
making a web of friends

Day 2- Evaluating Web Pages/ Create a design for my individual web page 

Boy with Lge Pencil 

Spider WEb
Check it out! 
Day 7 - Fine Tuning - Self Evaluation/ Peer Evaluation 
Day 3 
What is a Web Page?  Looking at html coding and Writing invitation letters to principals + parents 
Day 6- Webmeisters @ work!! 
 {short description of image}Day 4  
Net Harvesting and Designing our     own graphics 
Day 5 -- Creating Tables & Forms Using Microsoft Word

Webmeisters Page/ Day 1/Day 2/Day 3/Day 4/Day 5/Day 6/Day 7/Day 8
Index of our work --Look for this in August
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