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Mission Nutrition Online Teacher's Course Outline

This teacher course will accompany the student   project which will be offered in Fall 2001. It is a component that facilitates the students’ involvement by mentoring the teacher through the process. It will address Internet skills, as well as give suggestions  for classroom management during the project.

Course  Length :  The course will run for 8 weeks,  twice a year (Sept - Oct. and March - April)

Description: Students in a number of different classes from will keep a food diary before and after they learn about good nutrition. Teachers will given the worksheets necessary to complete the diary, and directions on sharing the information with other participants. 

Students  will learn about foods eaten in other geographical regions or ethnic cultures. Teachers will discuss ideas for displaying the information learned, as well as ways to share the information with their colleagues and other students in the school.

 Students and teachers will be given  Internet resources for researching about  good nutrition. A bibliography of other resources will be shared with teachers, as well as be an ongoing resource to which all participants can submit information.

 After studying about healthy nutrition, the students will again keep a week  long diary and graph the changes they made in their diet.

Objectives - Teachers will:

·         Utilize a Discussion Board to communicate and share ideas during the project.

·         Get lesson plans for each week’s activities.

·         Share resources about nutrition with colleagues  around the globe.

·         Use higher order thinking skills to create and solve puzzles about nutrition.

·         Get online  help  for technical skills  and classroom management  needed while  running an online project.


Week 1:  Getting to know other participating  teachers.  Lesson will include directions on writing a class introduction using a message board. 

Week 2:  Exchanging ideas and resources for activities  to use while studying  about Carbohydrates on the Food Pyramid.  Lesson will include suggestions for conducting a descriptive writing  activity.

Week 3: Exchanging ideas and resources for activities  to use while studying the Fruits and Vegetables Groups on the Food Pyramid.  Discussions will include teaching taking notes from the internet.

Week 4: Exchanging ideas and resources for activities  to use while studying the Milk & Dairy Food Groups on the Food Pyramid.  Discussions will include how to utilize and compare information gathered from other participants.



Week 5: Exchanging ideas and resources for activities  to use while studying the Fats & Oils Group on the Food Pyramid.  Lesson plan will include  teaching created double bar graphs to compare data gathered before and after research. Also include will be a lesson on how to save graphs as  “web ready” and how to upload them to the Discussion Board.

Week 6: Discussion will include how to write a  “Nutrition Mystery” or puzzle including details learned from research. 

Week 7 - Assessment: Discussion will include  developing a rubric to evaluate the “Nutrition Mysteries” and planning “Multicultural Feasts”.  Also included will be tips on managing an online chat in the classroom. 

Week 8 – Discussion will take place after  the “Multicultural Feast” and involve evaluating the project.

This project and online course  will be moderated by the co-author of Scribes Online - Barb Schulz.

In order to join the above project, please fill in the online form.

If you have any other questions, write to -

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