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Week 7 - Nutrition Mysteries

Now that you have learned a lot about nutrition, nutrients and the food groups, let's see if you can apply your knowledge to real life situations....

Post your solution to this Nutrition Mystery on the Discussion Board,

"Megan's friend Joe was complaining that he was always tired, and that he had a cut on his leg that wouldn't heal. Megan noticed that Joe ate junk food for lunch every day, and suspected that good nutrition might help things improve for Joe. She tried to convince him to change his eating habits, but Joe didn't believe that would make a difference. Write a note to Megan on the Discussion Board telling her the facts you learned in this unit that might help her convince Joe that she is right."

While you are in the Discussion Area, try to solve the Nutrition Mysteries posted by others. Also try to creating one of your own for others to solve.

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