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Week 8 - Multicultural Meal Celebrations

Bon appetit! Have we all learned a lot about Food Groups and Nutrition! Now it's time to celebrate what we have learned... and the best way is to have a Feast -- a nutritious one, of course!

And as you have shared your specialty foods from your geographic areas or ethnic cultures, others have been learning about your culture. So let's make it a multicultural celebration!

Can your class create a multicultural well balanced meal? Have you found at least one food from another area in each food group that you could include in your menu? If you need to consult with participants in other classes to find out how to make those dishes, use either the Discussion Board, or the email addresses on the Participants page.

On the day of your Multicultural Feast, visit our Mission Nutrition chat room, and tells us your impressions of the food you are trying.

Also, please take the time to evaluate this project by going to the Voting Booth and answering the Mission Nutrition Survey.

It's been great having you participate!

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