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    Week 3 - Super Fruit & Salad Bar

    In this level of the pyramid, you should be eating 5-9 servings a day. That's why Dole company has issued it's "5 a Day" challenge. And they give you many reasons you should do just that! Take your notebook when you visit this site to write down facts that you will be able to use to stump the other participants when you write your Nutrition Mystery later.

    Math Extension: Choose a day from your food diary and tally how many fruits and vegetables everyone in your class ate that day. Compare your results to the national survey done by the Dole company called Exploding Pyramid.

    The Dole Vegetable Nutrition page is loaded with information about individual Vegetables using a food label format. Vegetable "characters" explain the difference about different types of vegetables such as the many types of lettuce.

    The site includes music, a CDROM, a crossword puzzle, and virtual classroom activities. The Fruit & Vegetable Encyclopedia can also be utilized for researching individual items.

    After you have researched about fruits and vegetables, choose one that is unique or a favorite to your geographic area or ethnic group. Describe it for us, telling what it looks and tastes like, how you cook it, and why it's your favorite. Post your description to the Message Board.



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