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Grab a cup of coffee, prop up your feet, and
hang out here in the Teacher's Lounge.....There's
lots here to satisfy your "learner's instinct".

"I believe that we as teachers need to cultivate our "learner's instinct..." for if we approach the world, in wonder, as learners, there are countless epiphanies awaiting us out there." 
-Lynne Sueoka --
"In times of change, the learners will
inherit the earth while the learned will
find themselves beautifully equipped to
deal with a world that no longer exists." 
-Eric Hoffer

Take a sip of this, or a sip of that, and before you
know it, you'll be full of knowledge

MSPAP Help pages --- Harford County Outcomes, writing icons, & more..... with tips on how to download these to your computer.

WebMeister Course --Creating Web Pages in 8 easy lessons!  --Created for Summer Laureate Course, July 1998  

Writing Across the Curriculum Using Technology
Instructor: Barbara Schulz
Johns Hopkins University - Center for Technology in Education

May, 1999

"Building Web Pages for Instruction" - for Johns Hopkins University CTE Summer Institute (June 1999) ---

Using IRC (Internet Relay Chats) in the Curriculum -
a Power Point slide show from the presentation at MICCA, 1998

Integrating Writing Online Across the Curriculum --An Electronic paper written for teachers in Hawaii '99 giving details about writing the "Oil Spill Mystery"

Scribes Online- Learning in an Electronic Writing Space Barb's book to be published May 1999 about teaching writing online in an electronic environment while integrating across the curriculum.

Work in Progress!!

Expeditions Online- Investigating Science and Social Studies in an Electronic Writing Space

Curriculum Links on the Web 

TechByts- Basic Technology Pretraining in Byts 

Tech Byts -- Training in Byts

Volume 1 
Editor's Byts --Introduction
Hardware Byts --What is a computer?
Software Byts --Kinds of Software
Classroom Byts 
Humor Byts -- Does Fat Burn?
Volume 5
Editor's Byts --Upcoming Training
Hardware Byts --What are peripherals?
Software Byts --Kidpix, Clarisworks, Hyb
Classroom Byts 
Humor Byts -- Does Fat Burn?




Tech Byts -- Volume 6
Editor's Byts --Holiday Season & Internet
Hardware Byts --Modems
Software Byts --Browsers
Classroom Byts -- Internet in the Classroom
Humor Byts -- PC Vocab



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