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This if the old Dublin Web Site for Archive Purposes only. For current website see:



 Dublin's Bookmarks


Fun for Kids

CyberKids Home
Uncle Bob's Kids' Page(Bob Allison's Home Page) 
Scholastic News -
Famous Authors, Ask a Scientist, and other exciting things going on.
Tomorrow's Morning -
News stories for kids written by kids
Discovery Page. .\www.discovery.com
Discovery Page 

Disney Page  


Money Matters 


Main Menu: Native American Indian (Everything)


Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth


KIDLINK Worldwide Computer Art Exhibition http://www.kidlink.org/KIDART/konst.html
Charles E. Smith 


Official 1996 Olympic Web Site - Home Page
CyberTorch Project 

Teacher Helpers

CyberEd Hotlist
MDK12 Stuff
Welcome to NetDay East
Global Schoolhouse
Educational Hotlists
General how-to ramblings (Dick Atlee at UMCP)
HarCUE's Bookmarks  - matches sites with grade level curriculum areas


Primary Links
Cool School Zoo 

Animal Information Database 

Intermediate Grade links 

NASA Ames Research Center Scientist at work 

Physics Unbound
The NASA Homepage
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Welcome to the Science Museum of 
Dole 5 A Day - Nutritional 5 A Day For Better Health Program 
Social Studies Sites 
Map Skills - Create a map for each child 
Welcome To The White House - take a tour of the White House with Socks the cat
The Oregon Trail. (Page 1) -visit with schools that live on the REAL Oregon Trail. Also learn the history behind the trail.
1492 -- Christopher Columbus
talk with real Historians about documents that shaped American history.
Kids Web - History

Maryland Sites 

Home pages for Md. Schools-- Government pages for MD. State
The Oregon Trail. (Page 1)
The Global Classroom
Maryland on the Web
Maryland Electronic Capital
Fairland Elementary School Home Page
Electronic fieldtrips 








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