So What is a Dissertation, Anyway?


Long-time educator supporting individualized learning for all students. Earned BS in elementary education, Master's is Technology for Teachers, and Ph.D. in Computing Technology for Educators. Teaching experience in all grades from Pre-K to adult. Currently retired, but still involved in education through Learningbyts, as an educational consultant and CEO and author.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Since I finished the Ph.D., I began reading the discussion forum. I felt empathy for you as the same thing happened to me (my advisor dropped me upon approving the prelim. prop.). I know how you felt; however, you need to plan ahead and move forward. Don’t let this affect the rest of your life.

    My story is unique because a tragic event occurred on the way to the Ph.D. which set me back 2 years. I cannot recount the challenges, heartaches, and frustrations that I encountered during the process. What was cathartic for me after I finished was to write a book as a chronicle of my experiences during the journey. The book evolved as a personal account but more importantly, advice to doctoral students so that they can avoid making the same mistakes I made.

    If I can do it, so can you.

    Good luck.

    Dr. D.

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