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This page will be used to share research and links about online and distance learning in K-12.

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compkids2Online and Blended Learning  –  With changes in technology as well as teaching and learning, the new field of Online and Blended Learning is currently developing. If we truly want to meet the needs of students and individualize learning for them, students need access to different types of learning.  With the new technologies in the form of Learning Management Systems (LMS),  learning can be delivered to students any time, any place and at any pace.  In addition, the new online media can be a patient teacher.  If a student needs to have material repeated for them to learn it, or delivered in a different medium, technology has the capability to do that.  The data collection possibilities  are increased with the help of technology as well.  This page will list the latest links, findings and alternative education research about online and blended learning.

An Overview of Virtual and Home Schools — Not sure what a virtual school is, let alone how to pick one for your student? Not sure about how to do homeschooling, or if it’s right for you and your child? Take a look at the resources on this page — and be sure to contact us with any questions… Read the overview to help you understand what the difference is between virtual schools, home schools, and online programs.

  • Benefits and Drawbacks — What are the benefits and drawbacks of virtual &/or home schools? How can you tell what type of school your child should use


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