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Long-time educator supporting individualized learning for all students. Earned BS in elementary education, Master's is Technology for Teachers, and Ph.D. in Computing Technology for Educators. Teaching experience in all grades from Pre-K to adult. Currently retired, but still involved in education through Learningbyts, as an educational consultant and CEO and author.

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2 Responses

  1. Khelifa says:

    Ok, I tried to do a spaced leossn this morning. As I have 8 years old students and as the gymnasium and our classroom are on different floors, I have decided to have the history leossn in the gymnasium, sitting on the floor. I alterned 8 minutes leossn with 8 minutes PE for three times. At the end I monitorized the leossn with my students. Surprisingly they remembered all the details of the history leossn and they told me that they have loved the leossn. We succeeded in doing more physical exercises than we usually do. The reason is in the organization that pupils improve during such a leossn. In the meanwhile concentration is better during the study part. The only thing I have to tell is that probably I have had a good experience because I have only 15 students in a class. What about a class with 28 students? And logistically speaking, it would be better to have the classroom just in front or, anyway, near the gymnasium. What do you think?Anyway, my students asked me to repeat the experience

    • bboksz says:


      This sounds like a wonderful idea! Kids do need to move around as they learn, and I feel sometimes they learn best on their feet as it connects the synapses in their brains. In addition, with kids being so sedentary today with all the technology, the need for physical exercise is more paramount. So combining the two like you did is awesome.

      So take this lesson one step further….. how can you arrange your classroom so that you can include moving around more easily in every lesson? And for classes of 28 or more, how can the school day be restructured so that all students have the opportunities for this movement learning? I suspect you’ve hit on a piece of the puzzle for how kids learn. How can you spread the word and make changes in education?

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