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Handheld Article

Http:// According to this article, students are involved in a reclaiming project with a local creek. Once a week, they travel to the creek, handhelds in hand, and do experiments, as well as collect...

Melissa’s article…Layers of Meaning 0

Melissa’s article…Layers of Meaning The article I read was about 4th grade students with special needs learning about the world’s rainforests. The teachers use a variety of technologies, i.e., internet, handhelds, traditional textbooks, etc. The purpose of...

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In the articles we read we observed that schools are using blogs in a variety of ways. Two of the articles cited the way in which two seperate schools in different regions of the...

Melissa, Jessica, and Carey Comment 0

Melissa, Jessica, and Carey Comment

On the subject of Blogs, we three have the following to say… Networking is the top of the list. Networking allows for a range of communication, like parents, students, online communities, faculty and staff....


Welcome to the Blog for the course Emerging Technologies for Teachers at CSU-Pueblo.


Welcome to Barb’s Blog at! I am just starting this blog and hope to add to it on a regular basis. I’m particularly interested in educational uses for blogs. So if you have...

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