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Blah, Blah, Blah In Your Dreams Sisterhood 2

Blah, Blah, Blah In Your Dreams Sisterhood

Anita said… Cyberscribe, Did your boss do anything specific that was “unprocedural” that you can point to or is it simply your opinion that he messed up because he was new? Second, even though...

What’s a Sister To Do?   aka  Depressed and Confused in CR 2

What’s a Sister To Do? aka Depressed and Confused in CR

Hmmmm…. where do I start? How does one explain the politics in K-12 administration? A job that I thought was going great suddenly turned ugly. I knew when I started this position that things...

Preservation 0


I have had such a great time writing back and forth with my sister since she just started learning about email and such that I have to preserve the communication. So I thought I...

Wasting or Working 0

Wasting or Working

On the Today show they had a segment on how technology has served to help and to hinder our productivity. Not that the three of us didn’t already know that we could make ourselves...

What is all this? 0

What is all this?

Would you be so kind and so cunning as to stoop so low as to honor me so high as to let me roll my wheels of conversation around your actualities of understanding and...

Intelligent design 0

Intelligent design

CybrScrybe said… So what do you think of the decision not to be able to teach Intelligent Designs in schools (Pa. Example)….?? 8:54 AM The judge said it was pretty overt when he looked...

Blah, Blah, Blah In Your Dreams Sisterhood 0

Blah, Blah, Blah In Your Dreams Sisterhood

gloomy 1


Dear Polly. Or maybe I should say Polly, Polly, Polly. Polly. Science is making sense of patterns too. Human beings are trying to make sense of what they perceive. I don’t think that’s gloomy....

A conscience? 2

A conscience?

Us religious folks call that inner self the conscience — … cyberscribe Just because one is religious or belongs to a church does not mean one has a conscious or listens to it….. Reminders...

Grown Ups? 3

Grown Ups?

What do grownups do? Can grownups stay up as late as they want and damn the consequences? Can grownups resist overeating and all the compulsive emotion filled guilt wrangling that goes with it? Do...

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