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This is Justin's story about his video game.


Justin's story

chapter 1 The Beginning Garroth the Rune Factory Warrior

“Ughh!” Said Garroth as he picked himself up and looked around. He looked at the person he had fallen on and was very surprised. He pulled aside the mass of feathers that had fallen on his face to see a rounded nose and big green rounded eyes. “Who are you?” the feathery creature exclaimed as she picked herself up.

“Ummm…. I can’t remember!... Umm… let’s see it starts with a G…… oh, now I remember, Garroth!” he stuttered, as he asked, “And you are?”

For a moment there he had forgotten his name. His fall must have given him amnesia, or maybe when the sword from the guard in the airship hit him, it knocked him out. He vaguely remembered fighting in the airship, and awoke on the way down out of the airship to the ground. “I am Ventuswill, a divine wind dragon.” The dragon looked at the warrior that had landed on her. He was not too tall but he looked somewhat strong. He had short, spiky, black hair, light green eyes and no glasses. His costume was like armor made of diamonds and included a silver chest plate with golden gloves.

“What is a divine wind dragon?” element strength. There are dragons of fire, water, earth, and wind. I am a dragon of wind.”

“What does a Dragon of wind do?” asked Garroth as he eyed the wings of red scales on the very, very tall dragon with a green, long and skinny tail.

But before she could answer, another creature came up to Ventuswill and yelled at her, “I need help with running the turnip festival.” Garroth looked at this creature who was another human being like him. He was wearing a black suit, silver vest, and a red tie.

Ventuswill said to Garroth, “This is my servant, Volkanon! Volkanon, Garroth who just fell on me from the sky.”

Volkanon replied, “Where did you come from, how did you get in the sky?”

Garroth replied “I’m not really sure… it slips me… I seem to have lost my memory.”

Volkanon replied, “That’s ok… you can gain some memories here.” <p> Garroth asked, “How will I do that? “

“Come with me,” said Volkanon. “I am walking you to a room that you can upgrade and decorate, and make it your own. You will create new memories as you decorate, and help out around town. You can take the tutorial which will teach you how to save your actions and tells you about events around town. It will also tell you about the characters you will meet and how they are involved with the event. You will also learn to save your game frequently. You can start by helping with the turnip festival. Go to the festival, and eat some turnips. Here is your room. There is the tutorial book. Have fun learning about this town. You will meet Clorica tomorrow who will tell you how to store items and which foods to eat to gather special points. ”Oh what I forgot whenever you do something for your first time you will get a trophy.”

Garroth entered the room and saw the book. Garroth decided to save and then went to sleep. The next morning, he remembered what happened back in the airship. He had some type of spheres. And when he got hit, the spheres flew and scattered in four different directions. As he opened his eyes, he saw a girl with purple hair and golden eyes. She looked thin and was asleep.

“Hey!” said Garroth.

“Huh?” said the girl as she opened her eyes.

“Why were you asleep in my room and who are you?”.

“Oh sorry, I sleep a lot and sometimes I work and cook gourmet foods in my sleep. My name is Clorica. I was assigned to you by Volkanon, to help you with the eating tutorial, so you know what boost it might have in your health points (hp) and stats.” ” Oh I didn’t know you were my guide, let’s go then!” <

Clorica and Garroth walked down the hallway and as they were walking Clorica explained what all the rooms were.

“This is Ventuswill’s room,” Clorica said as they passed the room next to Garroth’s. Garroth glanced into the room and saw an altar like room that is round and an oval shaped board with a list of things. He waved at Ventuswill as they walked past the room.

As they walked past the next room, Clorica said, “This is my room. I’m on the right side if you ever need me.”

“That’s good to know,” said Garroth. As they approached the kitchen, good smells came into the hallway.

As they walked in Garroth noticed an oval table with lots of food. As Garroth walked towards the table and the smell of apple pie wafted towards him. The smell reminded of times his mother had baked it for him in his old home and he realized that his memory was coming back more and more. He took a piece of pie, and turned to find a place to sit down.

Clorica saw his piece of pie, and said, “What you have there is a level 5 piece of pie and it will give you a lot of your health points (hp) back. That is a good choice for you at this time.”

“Oh thanks for the tip,” said Garroth. After Garroth finished his apple pie and grabbed a boiled egg, and tempura. Garroth thought about the last time he had a boiled egg in his old home when his mother made breakfast. The tempura reminded him of when he had Chinese food with his family. As he sat down Clorica reminded him to check his (hp) meter and he had 500/1,000. Clorica told him that the other 500 must have been used to heal his amnesia.

After Garroth finished eating he went back to his room and looked at the events and saw the farming tutorial was next. The event book told him to exit the back way from his room. Garroth exited his room and saw a boy with metallic blue hair with a black suit and a red tie with shorts and boots.

“Hello,” said Garroth as he walked through the door. “Hi, I’m Vishnal I’m here because Volkanon assigned me to help you with the farming tutorial.”<p> “The first thing you need to know is you need tools for farming you need a hoe, seeds, and a watering can. Here they are,” Said Vishnal.

“Thank you,” said Garroth.

“But there’s one more thing I didn’t mention, and it’s that you can grow a dungeon so you can get seeds to grow a sword and shield. The more you grow your sword and shield the more powerful they get,” said Vishnal.

“Where do I find dungeon seeds?” asked Garroth. “I don’t know you’re going to have to find out on your own,” said Vishnal.

“Can you give me a hint?” asked Garroth.

“I can’t, no one in this town can go so far, because it’s blocked by big tree stumps,” said Vishnal.

“How do I get rid of the big tree stumps?”

“I don’t know but here are your farming tools.”

Garroth picked up a cheap hoe and watering can, and turnip seeds. “Before you farm you have to fill the watering can with water. The fountain is right behind me.” advised Vishnal.

Garroth walked to the fountain and filled up the watering can to the top. "Great now take the hoe and make a ditch to plant the turnip seeds." Garroth equipped himself with the cheap hoe and made ditches then planted the the turnip seeds and watered them.

"Great! Here are some more seeds and you are free to explore your garden, but when you're done make sure to go see Ventuswill afterwards."

Garroth put the seeds in his inventory and went to see Ventuswill.

When Garroth got in Ventuswill asked him about farming,he said it was fun.

"I'm glad you like it," said Ventuswill

"since you got the hang of farming you can either go to the request box or explore the town," said ventuswill

Garroth went outside and walked around to meet everyone.

When he walked outside he saw a girl with a blue dress,golden hair,white stockings,light blue shoes,dark and light blue dress,and a harp.

Garroth walked up to her and said hello.

"Hello who are you?" said Garroth

"Hi,I'm Margaret or as some people call me,Meg," said Margaret. "Margaret what's in your hands and my name is Garroth," said Garroth.

"Its my harp I play music with it but I can also use it as a weapon," said Margaret.

"What do you mean it's a weapon?" Garroth asked.

"When I strum it I can make music and if I'm in an area where there's monsters it creates giant musical notes to attack the monster," explained Margaret.

"That's amazing," said Garroth.

"It was nice meeting you and if you meet a girl with silver hair watch out she's a klutz," said Margaret.